Child-Friendly Space

The Child-Friendly Space is designed to address children’s specific needs such as their social, emotional, motor and cognitive development allowing the children to integrate and adapt in a safe and structured way in a new environment. Our main goal is to have structured recreational opportunities, play groups and support services for children as well as the flexibility to create new programs that correspond to the necessities of each child.

The CFS weekly program provides psychosocial and educational support, which encourages and allows the development of group projects based on daily or weekly schedules. Through fun activities, children can learn to be independent and healthy, to organize their personal space and manage their time efficiently. Also, through cognitive activities, children can participate and take initiatives and develop their knowledge and creativity.

Specifics of Programming

The program is available to children 2-12 years old with developmental disabilities such as:

– mild and moderate mental retardation
– behavioral problems (hyperkinetic type disorders, conduct disorders)
– psychosocial difficulties

The main objectives are:
– self- service, autonomy
– development of cognitive skills
– communication enhancement
– delimitation
– socialization of children

The programs operate in groups of 4-5 children. The program design uses:  ABA ( Applied Behavior Analysis)
TEACCH model (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication related to handicapped Children)
PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)

Parents are welcome to use the CFS when utilizing other services at Hestia.  Children can also, by appointment, use the CFS consistently throughout the week (Parents must stay in Hestia while their child is in the CFS, it does not operate like a daycare).

If interested, please e-mail
call: +30 213 090 7859
text only: Whatsapp/Viber 694 302 9915
or visit us in-person to discuss availability.

Weekly Schedule: