Livelihoods Training

Computer Skills Training

One of the key components of Hestia’s Livelihoods programs are the computer skills and typing training. Knowledge of computer programs is a large draw for potential employers. By offering introductory through advanced courses, we provide valuable training for those seeking work.

Currently Hestia is currently offering classes in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint at varying levels. We also offer a Typing skills class for those who want to improve the speed and accuracy of their typing.  We have successfully helped our beneficiaries be offered jobs through our classes.  Please visit the events tab to see the most current class schedule. Register here if interested.

CV + Interview Preparation

Hestia provides job coaching through trained professionals. Receive one on one help to compile your job history and skills into an attractive CV. Interviewing preparation is also available with instructors guiding those interested in best practices in making a good first impression, as well as outlining basic professional expectations in the workplace.

If interested in job coaching, please see the “Events” tab for current available sessions throughout the month, or call us at: +30 213 090 7859

Job Wall

Our Job Wall has the most recent postings for jobs in Athens as well as remote positions that meet the skills taught in our classes.