SEED Business Course

Hestia offers a 12-week Sustainable Entrepreneurship for Empowerment and Development (SEED) Business Course.

The course is open to Greeks, refugees, migrants and other vulnerable populations.   Classes are open to up to 10 students with a rigorous interview process to select candidates who are serious about opening a business in Greece.  The culmination of the course focuses on a Pitch Day, where other international and local NGO’s are invited to hear participants “pitch” with the opportunity to offer microloans to help them start up their business. 

Our next course starts on 13 September through 29 November, from 11:00 to 13:00 hours.  Applications must be submitted by Monday, 03 September 2018.

Course Syllabus

Week one: Summary of my business – What is my business?
Week two: Operating Plan – SMART Goals and making my business unique
Week three: Management and organization – Time management, administration, and organization
Week four: Who is my target market and why – Identify customers and how to engage them
Week five: Marketing strategy – What is marketing and how do I use it?
Week six: Leveraging Social Media – How do I use social media for my business?
Week seven: What taxes and business licenses to start a business in Greece – Process to register businesses, business taxes and, and licenses
Week eight: What education/certifications do you need – What certifications or diplomas do I need to open my business?
Week nine: Budgeting – How do I price my product or service? How to I budget my finances?
Week ten: Procurement – What is the Procurement Process and why is it important?
Week eleven: Business culture in Greece – Guest speakers will present their experiences of opening businesses in Greece

Week twelve: Pitch Day – Each participant will create a 5-minute presentation about their business